Meet The realFIT Team

Nelson Sousa - Head Trainer/CPT/Owner

Get leaner, faster, stronger and improve your cardiovascular health. As a life long athlete, fire fighter and former military man, I can effectively lead individuals or groups and bring out the best in those I work with. I emphasize a healthy mind, body and spirit and have experience training all ages and stages of fitness. Having gone through my own personal transformation, my passion is sharing that knowledge and experience with others.

In 2007 I was involved in a very serious head on collision that left me with severe, permanent injuries. After weeks in the hospital, months in a wheelchair, and years walking with aides such as canes and walkers - I found my motivation and realized my life wasn’t over yet. I took it upon myself to become educated on my recovery options, what I needed to change regardless of how challenging the journey would be. One of the first steps to be coming physically active again was hiring my own personal trainer who taught me how to build training programs tailored to specific goals, but more importantly - the importance of having a coach for accountability and motivation through the hard times. After a lot of hard work and many ups and downs, I succeeded in dramatically lowering my body fat, improving my muscle mass, endurance, overall fitness and quality of life.

“My Dedication to fitness changed my life and now I am dedicated to helping others achieve their dreams and goals..”

Diana Merkir Certified Personal Trainer/Fitness Instructor

Through my own struggles along the way I have managed to lose 100lbs after having my daughter. When I was 43 I was told that I needed a total hip replacement. I had no cartilage in my right hip. I am here to inspire others.
Whatever adversities we are faced with we can always find the strength to fight and never give up!

My coaching style is simple. Full body workouts with the use of dumbbells,
barbells, my own body weight, machines, bands, and much more! I focus on form
and technique and I believe in working as a team with my clients. I provide a
positive experience, encourage clients to work beyond their comfort zone, and
reach their full potential. I believe in mutual respect and always being up front and honest is the best approach in achieving optimal results. Eating for wellness has always been my belief. No fad diets, a variety of foods, to build better habits, and everything in moderation.

  • Can Fit Pro Personal Training Specialist
  • Health Care Provider (C) Heart & Stroke
  • Fitness Consultant (Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology) CSEP
  • YMCA Trainer Certification
  • Yoga Fit Teacher Training Program – LEVEL 1
  • Sociology BA, McMaster University – 2003

Tyler kruschenske - Bootcamp Instructor/CPT

Growing up I was always a shy quiet guy who got picked on, but I always knew deep down I was a better person than people realized. I always loved competing in sports, even though I got cut from every high school team. In grade 12, I decided to make commitment to a healthier lifestyle by starting a strength training regiment and cutting out sugar. My passion started to take shape!

Now I'm definitely making up for all those times I got cut from school teams and from all those people that didn't give me a chance to fit in socially. I am now one of the top Spartan Race athletes and also won the CN Tower fastest climber twice.

I have a passion for health and fitness and with my experience competing as an athlete at a high level, I can now pass along my knowledge to others so that they can get in the best shape of the life. It's always an uphill battle to be at you’re all-time best shape, but when you challenge yourself consistently you change yourself forever.

I hope with my success as an athlete, I will motivate everyone to better themselves so that they can live a long healthy life. Feeling good is what people really want, the key is to keep it going! I want to bring as many people as I can on the “Healthy Lifestyle Bandwagon” cause life is way better when you feel alive at your very best!!


Kieran Reed - Owner/Administration

Kieran is one of the owners of realFIT. You can typically find him hiding in the office performing all kinds of administration magic. Say "hi" when you see him, he's a pretty cheery fellow. Also, if you have any questions about the club, he's your guy.

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